Eiden Systems Corporation (ESC) is a proven Information Technology company. We provide the best-in-class technologies that provide robust, cost-effective Information Technology (IT) solutions for organizations of all sizes. ESC applies advanced information technologies, networks, applications, and processes to help our customers achieve more with less. For over 28 years, ESC has been providing consulting expertise using industry best practices across multiple platforms and methodologies. We solve your mission-critical problems with best-of-breed systems, network and database services, and software lifecycle solutions.

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How ESC deliver results is as important as the results themselves. We operate in an environment where we expect the highest standards of integrity in performance through our commitment to management, learning, innovation and teamwork.
ESC is aligned to grow with the need of our customers both today and tomorrow. We can rapidly adapt to evolving IT and business needs, processes, and methodologies. Our agility is what enables us to maximize our customers' existing technology investments in databases, network, systems, and applications.

Why Choose ESC?

Eiden Systems Corporation (ESC) provides practical, reliable, and secure information technology solutions. Our service level commitments ensure the lowest cost with the highest level of performance, and our program management skills get the job done with agility, consistency, and efficiency. ESC's methods for ensuring our customers' objectives rests with our talented Consultants. Our Consultants are experienced, industry certified, and hands on knowledgeable in worldwide systems and applications that sustain the performance, security levels, and integration capabilities required in a post 9/11 world. We are a leading provider of Oracle and Microsoft information technology solutions and services.